Train Control Management Systems 2016

Leveraging technology to optimise existing networks

Increasing demand for rail services driven by congestion and population growth and increases in operating costs and calling for rail owners and operators to optimise existing networks and assets.

New signalling and train control systems such as CBTC, ACTS, PTC and ERTMS are present the opportunity to revolutionise rail networks, improving frequency, consistency, reliabity and performance of networks.

However, the move towards digital signalling systems and automated trains presents a whole new wave of challenges to contend with, such as:

  • Identifying which technologies will offer them the most efficiency in terms of performance and cost
  • Integrating new systems into their existing assets to optimise networks
  • Investigating the impact of a customer centric view on overall operations
  • Uncovering the opportunities created by specific technologies such as CBTC, ERTMS, ATMS for cost savings, safety, security and other efficiencies
  • Managing the transformation and mitigating the risks

Key topics being discussed

  • Best practice in network optimisation to boost capacity and efficiency
  • Exploring CBTC, ECTS and PTC for Australian rail networks
  • Integrating new technology and signaling systems into existing assets
  • Effectively future proofing train control management systems
  • Investigating the impact of automation on operations
  • Upskilling your workforce for automation
  • Achieving zero incidents: Is it possible?

What’s new for 2016

  • 4 interactive workshops and site tours
  • Focus on digital signalling systems and automation
  • Key international insights from operators who have successfully rolled out CBTC and ERTMS
  • Panel discussions and interactive sessions on managing the change and building capability for transformation

Why Train control Management Systems is a must attend

  • Speaker faculty representing leading passenger and freight networks: Sydney Trains, Queensland Rail, Aurizon and many more
  • International case studies: from operators who have successful rolled out CBTC, ERTMS and driver less trains
  • Over 60+ participants from the rail industry
  • Interactive formats for learning through networking

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