Featured Speakers :

 Steve Boshier
Steve Boshier
Asset Integration Manager
 Andrew Constantinou
Andrew Constantinou
Technical Director Main West – Maintenance Directorate
Sydney Trains
 Tony Eid
Tony Eid
Director Operations
Sydney Trains
 Tony Lennon
Tony Lennon
Associate Director, Transport & Infrastructure
 Ian Barnes
Ian Barnes
Programme Manager
Network Rail (UK)
 T.C. Chew
T.C. Chew
Projects Director
MTR (Hong Kong)
 Sylvie Lesueur
Sylvie Lesueur
Sylvie Lesueur, Independent Railway consultant, former Deputy Manager for the Signalling and Rail Operations Centre (ROC) Department at RFF (France)
Railway Independent Consultant

Technologies to plan, upgrade and optimise the network and create capacity

By the year 2020, it is estimated that traffic congestion will cost the Australian economy approximately $20.4 billion per year. This is putting increased pressure on the government to increase rail transport investments; which in turn is highlighting the critical nature of ensuring rail owners and operators improve and streamline their safety and efficiency strategies.

When implementing train management systems, organisations aim to improve train spacing, unsafe speeds and workers on the track whilst taking the human, operational and technical aspects into account.

With this in mind, the Train Control and Management Systems (TCMS) 2014 conference has been developed in collaboration with key industry leaders to discuss best practices for increasing security and making successful investments that improve results.

The event will showcase the most successful technologies and strategies to plan, upgrade and optimise network and create capacity.

Join your peers and find out how you can:

  • Ensure safety and efficiency when expending rail systems
  • Utilise emerging technology to obtain maximum value from existing infrastructure and resources
  • Effectively align financial and operational performance

5 Key Reasons Why You Should Attend TCMS 2014:

At the same time that the infrastructure bottleneck increases across Australia, and the industry pressures the government to invest in rail transport, it is crucial for companies to look for strategies to increase train safety and efficiency.

  • Hear from an international perspective on trends for railways and how to ensure safety and efficiency when expanding rail systems
  • Learn how to apply train control systems and increase safety
  • Discover best practices on optimising networks to create capacity
  • Benefit from a cross-over industry discussion: How lessons from other industries could be adopted for railway
  • Obtain key insights on decision making processes – responding to incidents
When implementing train management systems, organisations must not only look at the technical overview of the technology; but also take the human and operational aspects into account.

What you will takeaway from this event:

  • Optimise network planning and improve capacity
  • Network planning and technology selection
  • Apply train management control systems to increase safety
  • Develop train operation strategies for increased efficiency
  • Identify technologies to upgrade train control systems and improve efficiency
  • Align financial objectives with operational performance to deliver effective investment decisions
  • Learn industry best practices
  • Discover emerging technology designed to get the most from existing infrastructure and resources

Interactive Sessions:

Train Control and Management Systems 2014 has been designed with interaction in mind. Each executive has unique challenges and experiences.Through workshops, cases studies and panel discussions you will exchange knowledge and discover strategies to increase the safety and efficiency of your train control system.

  • Workshop A: Increasing safety of long railway tunnels
  • Workshop B: Structuring a train asset management strategy
  • Site-Visit C: Tour at the Sydney Trains operations control room

Who you will meet at the Train Control and Management System

2014 conference:

  • General Manager Rail
  • Head of Operations
  • Director of Operations
  • Rail Operations Manager
  • Rail Upgrade Manager
  • Signalling Director
  • Signalling Manager
  • Train Planning Manger
  • Rail Communications Manager


  • Rail Operators
  • Rail Asset Owners
  • Mining & Resources Companies with their own rail lines
  • Regulatory Bodies
  • Construction & Engineering Companies

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